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Продается траулер 2001 Испания


BLT 2001 Montajes Cies S.L.,Spain
TYPE Twin rigged, Freezer Trawler (H/G fillet)
Construction class RINA +100 -1.1 ice strengthen (1D)
Tonnage: 1387GT/416NT, Formula DWT 1472
LOA 64.7M, BM 11.5M, Deph 4.7M
Hold capacity 1450 m3
MaK 8M25, 3200 BHP / 750 r.p.m., CPP in nozzle
2 x Catterpillar 1x170kV, 1x630KV
All trawling winches IBERCISA
-3x Main split trawling winches, wire cap. of 4500 m / 28 mm each
-4 x Sweepline hydraulic winches
-2 x Gilson hydraulic winches
-1 x Codend hydraulic winch
-2 x Net drums double independent movements
-2 x Deck cranes for manoeuvring of the trawling doors (forward/aft)
-1 x Deck crane (port side) for ldg/disch.
Freezing system: 5 x tunnels, 2 x horizontal plates, 62 ts/day, freon R - 404
Freezing Compressors: 3xMYCON 160 VLD
Factory - procesing plant in stainless (H&G, filleting and round)
2 x Baader 181, 2 x Trio skinners, 1 x Baader 425, 1 x wahing machine,
1 x Strapping, 1 x Authomatic scaling machine, 1 x Line for “pota” etc.
All modern electronic equipment
Accomodation 36 pers