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Hua Marine Service Co.,Ltd is wholesaling Marine engine’s Nozzle, Plunger&Barrel, Delivery valve, Injector etc...
6ЧН40/46 (Pielstick PC2.5), NVD-26A3, NVD-26-A, SKL NVD-26-2, NVD-48A-2U, NVD-48A-3U, ЧН(CHN)18/22,3Д6,3Д12, SKL NVD 36/24 A-1, Scoda 6-27,5 A2L, Scoda 6S 160, ДР 30/50, ЧСП(CH) 23/30, VD 26/20, 6ЧН 21/21, 3Д20, ЧН 25/34, 6ЧН 31,8/32 (Д50), ЧРН36/45 (Г(G)60,Г70), Д49, Sulzer 8 ZD 72/48
5x0,3x130/NVD-26A3; 5x0,35x130/NVD-26-A; 7x0,25x155/NVD-26-2; 5x0,5x140/NVD-48A-3U/2U; etc.
Plunger & Barrel:
Ф23/NVD-48;T12 (Ф12); T13 (Ф13)/CHN 18/22; etc.
Delivery valve:
T13 (D10)/CHN 18/22; T10-36; etc.
We can develop new product by samples or drawing.

эжектора--Hua Marine Service Co.,Ltd provides ejectors by materials of Bronze & Stainless steel & Titanium alloy . An ejector is a vacuum pump that does not have any mechanical drive parts. Instead, it is driven by injected steam or similar mediums. It has a simple construction for virtually trouble-free operation. And it is easy to be manufactured for large volume rate. Standalone ejectors can compress up to atmospheric pressure, and can be used in series to attain even higher vacuum pressure. They can be used with other vacuum pumps to build a vacuum system.

Компенсаторы---Hua Marine Service Co.,Ltd provides Compensators. Expansion Joints range from DN5mm -- DN10000mm in CHINA, specialized in offshore and marine diesel engine exhaust bellows expansion joints, Achieved classification society certificates from CCS, ABS, LR, KR, BV and GL etc.